Affordable In Home Living Assistance Service

Affordable In Home Living Assistance Service
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Senior Health and In Home Living Assistance: (541) 709-5531

There are so many reasons why you might find yourself looking for the care of a private duty nurse. We understand that every patient has their own unique situation and we pride ourselves on being able to match you with the nurse who is best suited for your care. Whether it’s a short visit, or around the clock nursing care, we are here to help you find a qualified, competent and compassionate RN or LVN to assist you and your family.
My friend Mavis- caregiving has been a pleasure

  • Skilled nursing visits and education to help manage a chronic illness
    Our care helps your loved one control their symptoms and understand their condition, whether it’s diabetes, COPD, heart failure, or another condition.
  • Help after a hospital stay
    We help your loved one recover and get back on their feet so they can stay in their home and live as independently as possible.
  • Help managing medications
    We help your loved one understand and take their medications at the right time and in the right amounts. We look for medication conflicts and help to clear up any confusion.
  • Care for dementia patients
    We know how difficult it can be to care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We provide specially-credentialed clinicians who truly understand the symptoms and challenges that dementia patients and their families face.
  • Care for stroke recovery and more
    Our neurorehabilitation care for stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkison’s disease and ALS helps patients maintain the highest level of independence possible and learn to adapt to their condition.
  • A personalized balance program to help prevent falls
    Our leading balance program, Safe Strides, can help prevent falls and promote safety in the home. Safe Strides recognizes that each patient is different and seeks to address patients’ unique challenges with customized solutions.
  • Rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery
    Home health care can help you recover faster, move better and avoid complications.