Affordable Asphalt Driveway Repair Santa Rosa

Affordable Asphalt Driveway Repair Santa Rosa
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 At Asphalt Driveway Paving Santa Rosa we pride ourselves on doing the work right the first time and at a competitive price. 

Got a tight budget? We have a solution to the problem. Let us know your budget and we’ll let you know what services can work for you! Give us a call.  

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  • Petromat  fabric
  • Removal and replacement
  • Skin patching
  • Trench work
  • Drainage berms
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  • Slurry seal (type I & type II)
  • Fog seal
  • parking lots
  • playgrounds
  • tennis courts
  • basketball courts
  • schools
  • apartment complexes
  • Striping
  • Surface numbering
  • Stenciling 4” through 8’
  • ADA compliance
  • Signs & poles
  • asphalt sealer
  • excavating
  • speed bumps
  • commercial and residential
  • licensed & insured
  • Emulsion seal
  • resurfacing
  • reconstruction
  • patching seal coating


Santa Rosa Asphalt

We are your Santa Rosa Asphalt repair specialist and are one of the best in Santa Rosa asphalt paving.  Our mission is to provide effective professional asphalt repair Santa Rosa to our customers.  We are affordable and reliable asphalt paving Santa Rosa. We have been successfully providing Santa Rosa asphalt paving for over 12 years.
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